7th/6th Gen Intel® Core™ Desktop Processor-based Video Wall Player with 1x PCI-E(x16) or 2 x PCI-E (x8) Slots

iCONTROL intelligent energy-saving & Observer remote monitoring technologies7th/6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors2x DDR4 2133 SO-DIMM, dual channel, Max. 32GB1x Mini PCI-E (full-size) for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE or capture card options1x Mini PCI-E (half-size) for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 4G LTE options2x 2.5” SATA SSD with RAID 1 support1x PCI-E (x16) or 2x PCI-E (x8) based on PCI-E x16 connectors for Matrox / AMD / Nvidia GPU card options

SI-61S是一台專為多螢幕影音電視牆數位看板播放需求所研製的超高解析高擴充性電視牆看板播放系統。本產品搭載Intel第7代處理器,可依客戶需求搭配Matrox、AMD或Nvidia的PCI-E(x16)或2 x PCI-E(x8)繪圖卡以呈現不同的螢幕排列組合,並播放超高解析且生動傳神的廣告訊息吸引大眾目光。以一般最常見的3x3電視牆為例,可外接一片九輸出的PCI-E(x16)繪圖卡播放高達6K x 3K的超高解析影像;若有超大型6x3電視牆播放需求,亦可外接兩片九輸出的PCI-E(x8)繪圖卡,播放高達12K x 3K的超高解析影像;或者單一台大螢幕電視牆,也可外接一片單一輸出的PCI-E(x16)繪圖卡呈現高達8K的超高解析影像。另外,也可以外接4K影像擷取卡提供直播影像輸入功能。

本系統提供彈性化的電視牆架構及解析度設定模式,並整合廣積最新的iCONTROL智慧型環保節能和遠端網路監控技術,使用者可藉由這個獨家技術直接透過網路操作介面,進行智慧節能、自動開關機排程、電源自動恢復、低溫開機保護和智慧作業系統還原等五大功能、並可執行遠端進行系統溫度感應、電壓和風扇速度等硬體監控功能。除了可降低維護成本、增強系統穩定度,並確保能供長時間穩定運作,使其產品生命週期可長達七年以上。此外,為配合日漸盛行的IoT物聯網發展趨勢,本產品在有限的機身空間裏亦內建兩組Mini PCIe插槽,分別支援全尺寸(Full size)與半尺寸(Half size)兩種裝置,可同時安裝WiFi無線網路模組、Bluetooth藍芽、4G LTE行動網卡或是影像擷取卡,以增加無線連網的便利性。更多詳情歡迎觀看SI-61S介紹影片

The SI-61S is an ultra-high resolution and highly expandable video wall player developed specifically for multi-screen video wall signage environments. It is equipped with Intel's latest 7th Generation desktop processor and can be integrated with a Matrox, AMD or Nvidia PCI-E (x16) or two PCI-E (x8) graphics cards to play super high-resolution, eye-catching content in different screen layouts in order to captivate and engage consumers.

Taking the most common 3x3 video wall as an example, the SI-61S with a nine display-output Matrox C900 PCI-E (x16) graphics card can play ultra-high-definition images and videos of up to 6K x 3K resolution. For an ultra-large 6x3 video wall requirement, it can be connected with two nine-output PCI-E (x8) Matrox C900 graphics cards for playback of up to 12K x 3K UHD images/videos. In addition, it can be connected to a single large-screen video wall with a single-output PCI-E (x16) graphics card for playback of 8K super-high-definition images/videos. An external 4K video capture card can also be used to provide live video input.

The system includes two low-profile Mini PCI-E slots with both full-size and half-size slots. WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE or video capture cards can be installed to increase the convenience of network connectivity. It provides flexible video wall configuration and resolution setting modes, as well as the latest IBASE sole iCONTROL smart energy-saving and remote monitoring technology. Users can take advantage of this exclusive technology for intelligent energy-saving, auto-scheduling, automatic power resume, low-temperature power-on protection and intelligent OS recovery functionalities.

The SI-61S features remote system temperature, voltage and fan speed hardware monitoring that contribute to lower maintenance costs, enhanced system stability, and a 24/7 long-term stable operation. The system’s product life cycle is estimated to be more than seven years.

System Mainboard MI991AF
CPU Type 7th/6th Generation Intel® desktop processors
(14nm monolithic) TDP<=65W
CPU Socket LGA1151
Chipset Q170 PCH
Memory 2x DDR4 2133 SO-DIMM, Dual channel, Max 32GB
Graphics Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 530
LAN 1x Intel® I219LM Gigabit LAN controller
1x Intel® I211AT PCI-E Gigabit LAN (as 2nd LAN)
Expansion Slots 1x Mini PCI-E(full-sized) for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE or capture card options
1x Mini PCI-E(half-sized) for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 4G LTE
1x PCI-E(x16) or 2 x PCI-E (x8) based on PCI-E x16 connectors for Matrox / AMD / Nvidia graphics card
I/O Interface 1x HDMI, 1x DVI-D and 1x DP from MI991 MB
6x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0
1x GPIO port
2x RJ45 for Gigabit LAN
1x COM#1 port for RS232/422/485
1x COM#2 port for RS232 only
3x Microjack audio connectors for Mic in, Line-in and Line-out
1x HDMI in for the capture card option Power / HDD LED, 1x power button
1x Terminal block for external power button
1x Reset button, 1x DC 12V output
Auto Control and Monitoring Watchdog Timer: 256 segments, 0, 1, 2...255 (sec/min)
Power Requirement AC 110V~240V
Construction Aluminum + SGCC
Weight 8kgs (17.64Ibs)
Chassis Color Black & white
Storage 2x 2.5” SATA SSD with RAID 1 support
Power Supply Internal 400W PSU
Mounting Standard system bracket
Dimensions 406mm(W) x 345mm(D) x 93mm(H)
17.16”(W) x 15.9”(D) x 3.66”(H)
Operating Temperature 0°C~ 45°C (32°F~113°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 80°C (-4°F~176°F)
Relative Humidity 10%~90% (non-condensing)
Vibration mSATA: 5 grms / 5~500Hz / random operation
Certification CE, FCC class B
Operating System Support Win7 64-bit & Win8.1 64-bit (for Intel Skylake solution series only) and Win10 64-bit Enterprise
SI-61S Signage Player with MI991AF Intel® Core™ I7-7700 processor(8M Cache, up to 4.20 GHz),2x 8GB DDR4 2133 SO-DIMM memory, 2x 2.5” 128GB SSD & 500W PSU
2020 Digital Signage Player Catalog

Model Chipset Video Audio Network Others
SI-61S Intel Skylake Chipset DriverWindows 7 & 10 Intel kabylake Chipset DriverWindows 10 Intel HD Graphics Skylake DriverWindows 7 (32bit) Windows 7 & 10 (64bit) Intel HD Graphics kabylake DriverWindows 10 Realtek High Definition Audio DriverWindows 7 & 10 Intel LAN DriverWindows 7 (32bit) Windows10 (64bit) Intel iAMTWindows 7 & 10 Intel USB 3.0 DriverWindows 7 C900 Graphics Card DriverWindows 7 & 10