AI Education Platform - Powered by 7th/6th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 Desktop Processors

Face recognitionBehavior identificationSkeleton detectionNot limited by number of people

The IBASE AI Education Platform is a comprehensive AI deep learning and edge computing solution for the education market. The solution combines the IBASE MAI602-EDU motion control system, U-Focus FHD camera and the YUAN SC550N4 HDMI capture card with Intel OpenVINO based AI QDEEP SDK development tool for facial recognition. With the aid of facial recognition, students’ behavior and class engagement become quantifiable data that can be used to promote effective teaching in the educational environment.

The platform uses AI image analysis with facial recognition to monitor and analyze students’ behavior and performance in classrooms. It aims to provide real-time data to the teachers and supervisors of the students’ emotions exhibited. The technology classifies the students based on the range of emotions displayed – from antipathy to joy and engagement. It is programmed to record various actions and situations such as writing, reading, raising of hands, and even falling asleep. This not only helps the faculty to identify inattentive students, it also signals teachers to alter their teaching style in order to get a more positive result.

The AI QDEEP SDK included in this solution applies the Human Keypoint Detection approach in computer vision. By quickly locating and returning the 3D coordinates of each human keypoint, AI QDEEP SDK precisely detects human skeleton, behavioral modes and motions. Furthermore, behavior detection and analysis can be applied to smart classrooms. By reviewing the collected data on student performance, lecturers can make the needed adjustments in instructions and lesson content based on the students’ progress.


IBASE AI Education Platform

MAI602-EDU Fanless System w/ Intel® Core™ i5-6700TE CPU, 2x 4GB DDR4 SO-DIMM, 1x 2.5" 128GB MLC industrial-grade SSD, IP302 riser card, 1x 4 ch. HDMI Capture card, 1x Compact Full HD Camera, w/o power adaptor
UF-X018CT Full HD Camera
Power adaptor 180W(24V @7.5A) power adaptor, bare wire type