Notice - Meltdown and Spectre Security Vulnerabilities

    2018 - 02 - 05

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Meltdown and Spectre have caused a big wave in the beginning of 2018. These security vulnerabilities, potentially allows the access and gathering of sensitive data from electronic devices with different vendors’ processors and operating systems. IBASE is notifying you about this industry-wide hardware-based security vulnerability and how this affects IBASE products:

  1. For IBASE solutions based on Intel platforms, we have been working closely with Intel since January 3rd, 2018. Intel has advised that updating the firmware (micro-codes of Intel processors) and software (OS) can provide mitigation against the issue.
  1. Intel has also revealed following embedded platforms, related to IBASE products, that have been affected:
  • Legacy Intel® Core™ processor (45nm and 32nm)
  • 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processors
  • 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors
  • 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors
  • 5th Generation Intel® Core™ processors
  • 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors
  • 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors
  • 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors
  • Intel® Xeon® processor E3 v3 family
  • Intel® Xeon® processor E3 v4 family
  • Intel® Xeon® processor E3 v5 family 
  • Intel® Xeon® processor E3 v6 family
  • Intel® Atom™ processor C series
  • Intel® Atom™ processor E series
  • Intel® Atom™ processor Z series
  • Intel® Celeron® processor J series
  • Intel® Celeron® processor N series
  • Intel® Pentium® processor J series
  • Intel® Pentium® processor N series
  1. Below is the list of IBASE board-level models (models not listed due to EOL already) that have been affected:
    Mini-ITX 3.5" SBC COM Express ATX FS(PICMG1.0)
    MI992VF series IB917AF series ET975K series MB990VF IB981AF/-C226
    MI992EF-7100 IB917F series ET975S series MB980VF IB981F
    MI991AF/-C236 IB916AF series ET970K series MB970F/VF IB970/F/RF
    MI991EF IB915AF series ET970S series MB960F/AF IB835F
    MI990VF series IB916F series ET960 series MB950EF/AF FS(PICMG1.3)
    MI990EF-6100/E IB915F series ET950 series uATX IB990AF/-C236
    MI987AF/EF IB909AF series ET930 series MB991AF/-C236 IB980F/AF
    MI985AF series IB909F series ET860 series MB961/F/RF IB965F/RF
    MI982EF IB908AF series ETX   IB960F
    MI981AF / -C226 IB908F series ET839-I45    
    MI980VF series IB906F series      
    MI980F-4100E IB905F      
    MI970F/ VF IB899F series      
    MI961F IB899A series      
    MI957-i7 IB898 series      
    MI957-i3 IB897 series      
    MI956 F/AF IB895/N      
    MI953/A/AF IB892 series      
    MI811F series IB818F series      
    MI808F series IB811F series      
    MI808FW series 5.25" SBC      
    MI805F-D IB957-i7      
    MI802/N IB957-i3      


  2. Intel will release the firmware (micro-codes) for dedicated platforms with different versions. IBASE will need time for implementation, testing, validation, deployment to be able to release new BIOS. A schedule for the availability of these BIOS updates will be released soon.
  3. Once the computer codes are available, users would still need to update the OS (Windows, Linux, Android…) on their own for data protection in their hardware.