IBASE and National Chiayi University Partner in the Field of Smart Agriculture

    2020 - 06 - 04

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Taipei, Taiwan, June 4, 2020 - IBASE Technology Inc. (TPEx: 8050), a global leader in industrial computers and embedded IoT systems, and National Chiayi University (NCYU), which has long been rooted in the field of smart agriculture, have joined hands in academia-industry collaboration to build NCYU’s smart agriculture control room system by combining the agricultural development expertise of NCYU with the emerging technology - Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT). The collected agricultural production data and fertilizer management data are fed to a remote monitoring system using big data analysis technology to explore the most suitable agricultural production conditions and the best decision-making plan in visually creating a smart agriculture integration framework.


In response to the growing trend toward smart agriculture, the collaboration has combined IBASE’s excellent automation control technology and R&D experience with NCYU’s long-term accumulation of expertise in agricultural research and development. The initial focus is on indoor cultivation fields, with NCYU providing the strawberry greenhouse and IBASE designing the intelligent environmental monitoring system. The project requires the selection of suitable environmental sensors, designing intelligent environmental parameter sensing devices, and the application of IoT network technology supported by the IBASE AGS100 gateway computer. The system will be the edge computing equipment used for data collection and uploading of environmental parameters (soil, temperature and humidity) of the strawberry greenhouse to the database of the control room for research and analysis. Furthermore, in order to meet government policies on smart city development, smart meter related equipment will be installed in the greenhouse and an intelligent cloud-based sprinkler irrigation management system will be configured to regulate water distribution with high efficiency. The control room is also equipped with the IBASE SI-324-N digital signage player designed for multi-screen display deployments to monitor and control different cultivation fields at the same time.


IBASE is committed to promoting smart IoT technologies in various applications, including smart manufacturing, smart retail, smart agriculture, and smart medical solutions. The company looks forward to a bright future of the development of IoT in the field of smart agriculture. Recently it has successfully developed an automatic tea packaging machine. This time, it hopes to build a big-data powered agricultural expert database, in collaborating with NCYU, to establish an agricultural expert knowledge system that includes a complete set of hardware and software architecture to deal with field deployment, data collection and research analysis. The data will be analyzed by experts in precision agriculture to optimize growing conditions that will ensure crops and soil receive what they need for optimal yield and quality that meet customer demand.

IBASE and National Chiayi University Partner in the Field of Smart Agriculture

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