With massive data collection contributed by the emergence of IoT, maturity of wafer technology and continuous optimization of algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) related applications are receiving attention from all walks of life. It is expected that AI will enter a stage of rapid development in various fields, including smart automation factory, security monitoring and medical care that foresee continuous growth in the future. For example, without the aid of AI for an automatic detection system in the early stage, existing data could only be used for comparisons. But with the use of AI algorithm, systems will be able to analyze the quality and characteristics of the data. Artificial intelligence allows machines to continuously learn and be optimized for efficient reading and testing that would become faster and more accurate than conventional methods. On the other hand, visual inspection will be increasingly used in the field of ​​artificial intelligence technology to provide not only enhanced accuracy, but also reduce manpower requirements.
AIoT Hardware Architecture
IBASE AIoT Hardware Solutions

The AI hardware comprise CPUs, accelerators/specialized hardware, GPU/FPGAs and neuromorphic chips. IBASE’s AIoT hardware solutions use a powerful industrial-grade electronic design that would ensure uninterrupted system operation under any type of environment. Its system computing power provides high-speed calculation and analysis. Installed through expansion interface, the GPU and FPGA share the calculation tasks with the CPU to reduce the possibility of misjudgment and ensure accuracy when the computing task increases. Furthermore, they help solve various data analysis problems. Users will be able to utilize the collected data for smarter analysis and different applications.

CMI203-992-AI Industrial AI Computer
Designed for automation control applications, the  Intel®  Xeon®  Processor E3-1505M v6-based CMI203-992-AI embedded system offers powerful computing and supports 2x PCI-E (x16) slots with (x8) signal, which can be combined with PoE card as a machine vision solution. It can train machines to classify items based on quality and can be expanded with a GPU or FPGA card to enhance AI calculation in deep learning to discover different quality levels and reduce the possibility of misjudgment. Applications would include those in smart factory, smart city or other fields that require real-time analysis and judgment.



SI-614-AI Industrial AI Computer
The SI-614-AI supports expansion with NVIDIA MXM graphics cards (up to 150W), leveraging the powerful parallel computing capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs to provide multiplexed and advanced image processing. It meets the needs of high-performance of constraint-space applications and can solve harsh environmental application problems.



SI-61S-AI Industrial AI Computer
The SI-61S-AI is a highly scalable player with an artificial intelligence calculation analysis system developed for multi-screen video wall applications. It is equipped with Intel's latest 7th generation desktop processor and supports multiple players via one Matrox or AMD PCI-E (x8) graphics card, and perform artificial intelligence analysis through another NVIDIA GPU card for AI analysis. High recognition rate from AI analysis will provide on-site personnel with accurate data for better management and judgment.