The global medical industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Medical devices should continue to grow at a positive rate in the future as innovations in AI and IoT drive the quest for better ways to treat and diagnose diseases, coupled with increasing patient life expectancy and an aging global population increase. IBASE complies with ISO 13485, the world's most recognized medical device standard, to certify its qualifications to manufacture industrial panel PCs and ODM boards/systems for the medical instruments and nursing care facilities industries.

Medical Panel PC Solution

The UMT-7212 21.5" medical panel PC was designed for hospital patient infotainment systems in clinics, bedside or waiting areas, providing clinical data, medical records management, or simply infotainment. This slim, full-flat multi-touch fanless panel PC has IP65 and IP54 protection against particles and water, and capacitive control keypads for power and brightness/volume settings. Supporting 90V~240V AC voltage and isolated Ethernet, the unit has extra I/Os and a PCI-E (x4) expansion slot to connect to peripherals required by customers. It offers diverse convenient installation options that may come in handy in nursing stations, or inspection centers to improve data access efficiency and optimize workflow. It has a borderless design, an easy-to-read display, a responsive touch interface and waterproof housing.

UMT-7212 21.5" medical panel PC

Customization Services

IBASE is able to provide ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and JDM (Joint Design Manufacturing) services, including board/system specification design, software design, manufacturing, validation, and after services to fully meet customer expectations and needs of medical and various applications. IBASE attaches great importance to research and development, investing a lot in manpower and material resources to continuously build innovative and high-quality products. With well-trained R&D, experienced project management, in-house manufacturing and after-sales service staff, our customization services can cover the entire product life cycle from concept to design and manufacturing.

Success Stories

Customer case studies highlighting the successes customers and partners have had with IBASE products and solutions.

Medical Beside Terminal Application

Medical Bedside Terminal

The 18.5" panel PC, BST-1850 multi-touch bedside terminal, was deployed for bedside medical care applications. The system features real-time clinical data, medical record management, and multiple infotainment functions.

3D Visualization System

3D Visualization System

The customized system provides a real-time 3D vision of endoscopic surgical images. It converts 2D endoscopic images into 3D to improve the accuracy and safety of minimally invasive surgery.

Digital Angiography System

Digital Angiography System

The angiography system provides X-ray images during interventional procedures using a catheter and supports treatments for the whole body, from the head to the lower extremities.

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