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Outdoor Panel PC

IBASE leverages unique technologies to provide panel PC ODM solutions that can withstand the effects of direct sunlight under harsh outdoor environments. Our rugged industrial-grade outdoor panel PCs feature sunlight readable displays with anti-glare coating and auto-brightness & dimming controls, allowing users to easily read on-screen information even in bright sunlight.   

The IBASE outdoor panel PCs are designed to be water and dust resistant, making them ideal for use in outdoor settings. Furthermore, they can be controlled by firmware to manage automatic fan and thermal controls, as well as system startup and shutdown schedules. This allows for optimal performance and longevity, even in the most challenging of environments.

Product Features

Outdoor Panel PC

Sunlight Readable Display

Easy to Read Even in Bright Sunlight

  • Constructed with anti-glare coating and heat reflection & UV-resistant materials.

  • Designed with ambient light sensor and automatic brightness & dimming controls.

Thermal Management & Ventilation Systems

Thermal Management & Ventilation Systems

Precise Temperature Control of Internal Components

  • Built-in thermal & ventilation management systems regulates the temperature of internal components and prevents damage from direct sunlight.

  • Protect screen from damage with optional sun visor.

IP65 Water-resistant Enclosure

IP65 Water-resistant Enclosure

Provides Protection Against Water and Dust

  • Robust industrial-grade design protects the internal components from water, dust, rain and extreme temperatures.

  • Durable and responsive touchscreen interface that can withstand heavy use and exposure to the elements.
Firmware Control

Firmware Control

Smart Control Functions to Reduce Energy Consumption

  • Reduces energy consumption by providing smart control features with automatic power on/off scheduler.

  • Controlled by firmware to manage automatic fan and thermal control.

Application Stories

Outdoor Signage Application

Outdoor Signage Application

The IP65-rated sunlight readable panel PC was used as interactive menu board signage that provided waterproof, dust resistance, and payment functions for use in drive-in restaurants.

Intelligent Transportation Application

Intelligent Transportation Application

The customized outdoor panel PC was used as a charging station display system to charge batteries and manage automatic battery swapping for use in smart scooter charging stations in the APAC regions.

Smart Retail Application

Smart Retail Application

The rugged sunlight readable outdoor panel PC was used as a digital scoreboard to count strokes and collect data to generate overall scores for driving ranges around the world.

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In house electrical, mechanical and thermal design with hardware/software reliability & compatibility validation.


To ensure long-term supply, high-quality components are sourced with effective product lifecycle management.


Leverages the latest solutions from Tier 1 processor vendors to ensure high levels of computing performance.


Provides comprehensive after-sales services and technical support to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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