Research & Development

Backed by a robust R&D team, IBASE is now a leader in designing and developing products that integrate cutting-edge technology, meet unique and specific requirements in both standard and custom products, and fast time-to-market. IBASE's R&D team boasts of talented electronics, layout, system, mechanical hardware, BIOS, firmware as well as software engineers. Half of the team are seasoned with more than 20 years of experience in their respective fields, while the other 45 percent carry more than five years of experience. Because of their accumulated expertise, the R&D team is able to design and create new products for the demanding and dynamic market. We also offer customization services that include board/system specification design, software design, manufacturing, validation, and after services to fully meet customers' expectations and needs.

iSMART Green Technology

iSMART is a unique green technology that IBASE created for the purpose of protecting and enabling systems to use power efficiently and intelligently. Its smart control function can greatly reduce energy consumption for motherboards and system products developed by IBASE, achieving carbon reduction and meeting environmental protection needs. The main functions of iSMART are: EuP/ErP power saving, auto power on/off scheduler, OS recovery, power resume, and low temperature guardian functions.

Design & Manufacturing in Taiwan


System Assembly / Validation


Board Production / System Assembly / Validation


Board Production / Validation

Quality & Reliability

To ensure product quality and reliability, IBASE's manufacturing facility uses state-of-the-art machines and effective inspection tools. Error-free pick and place machines precisely place the right components in the exact location. Solder paste thickness measurement, 3D X-ray scan, 3D scope for solder ball inspection and 100% AOI inspection are performed to control the quality of SMT manufacturing in board production. All systems also undergo Hi-Pot testing to assure electrical safety compliance. A Class 10,000 clean room maintains strict standards, with QC staff who implement 100% inspections to prevent contamination problems particularly in the assembly of panel PCs. Furthermore, stringent dust control precautions are taken in the final assembly with the use of dust-proof curtains and special auto-grade spray solutions.

Reliability & Compatibility Validation


Electrical Validation - Low Speed Signal

● Clock / SMBus / SPI Waveform Test
● Intel/AMD Power On Sequence Waveform Test

Electrical Validation - High Speed Signal

● USB / SATA / PCIE / Ethernet Eye Diagram Test
● SFP+ / SFP28 / HDMI / DP Eye Diagram Test

Power Verification

● Transient and Ripple Measurement
● OC/OV Output Protection
● Power On/Off Overshoot
● Power Efficiency Validation
● Multi Phase Synchronous Control Test
● Thermal Compensation Test


Mainstream OS

● Windows or Windows Server
● Linux


● 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition
● FurMark
● PassMark BurnInTest for Windows/Linux
● MemTest86 Pro
● MobileMark
● PCMark Advanced Edition


● Xena Network Throughput Test
● PassMark PerformanceTest
● 3DMark Fire Strike
● 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition
● PCMark 10 Advanced Edition

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